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Taylor Paige This girl.We’ve practically grown up together—just look at this
This girl. We’ve practically grown up together—just look at this progression 😭 When we first matched, I was told that I’d soon be meeting a very shy little girl who was afraid of dogs and loud noises & had a hard time making eye contact. That was 3 years ago. If you’ve been around Summer with me recently, you know that description is the farthest from accurate. She is friends with EVERYONE, loves being silly, begs to take the dogs on a walk. She has been on the Honor Roll for multiple semesters in a row now, has GLOWING reviews from her teachers, and is the most thoughtful & kind child I know. And I would have missed out on all of this growth if I would have let the thoughts of “this is too hard,” “I don’t have time,” and “this isn’t for me,” hold me back. Because the truth is: THIS ISN’T HARD YOU DO HAVE TIME THIS IS FOR YOU 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 If you’ve been watching me for the last 3 years & wondering if this is for you, you need to stop second guessing this decision. A child is CRAVING your love & friendship. A child needs YOU. This is by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. SHE is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Want more info on how to get started? My inbox is always open 💕 @bbbsstjoe #taylorandsummersinfiniteadventure Смотреть полностью
Taylor Paige At the end of the day, it’s about who you want to own dogs with 💕
At the end of the day, it’s about who you want to own dogs with 💕 {Even though I’m bitter sometimes that it isn’t me} you’re their favorite human in the entire world. Happy Doggy Daddy Day 🐾 Смотреть полностью
Taylor Paige And all the late night snackers said AMEN ✌🏼 ...because let’s b
And all the late night snackers said AMEN ✌🏼 ...because let’s be honest, some foods taste better when you’re half awake & rummaging by fridge light 😅 Смотреть полностью
Taylor Paige ✨ PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT ✨Check on your strong friends.Ch
✨ PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT ✨ Check on your strong friends. Check on the ones that still look like they have their whole life together but you know it’s been falling apart for awhile. Check on the ones that are always there checking on you but never ask for anything in return. Check on the friends that are always smiling. Check on the friends who are constantly busy, filling their days so they don’t have time to grieve or break down or stay in bed. Check on your strong friends. “Because people who need help sometimes look a lot like people who don’t need help” ~Glennon Melton Blazer: @flauntboutiquetx Top: @tjmaxx Смотреть полностью
Taylor Paige 👑 2nd Annual BBBS Make Believers Ball 👑Sweet memories tonight
👑 2nd Annual BBBS Make Believers Ball 👑 Sweet memories tonight as Summer crowned me as Big Sister of the Year just a year ago. Wearing this crown with pride tonight as we dance our hearts out 💕 My question to you tonight—how are YOU making a difference in your community? It’s easier than you think 😉 Смотреть полностью
Taylor Paige F I N A L L Y 😭😭😭 My best friend is getting married!! 🥂A
F I N A L L Y 😭😭😭 My best friend is getting married!! 🥂 All the lying & anxiety & planning & sleepless nights was SO INCREDIBLY WORTH IT 👏🏼 Thank you for being clueless & not catching on for the last 6 weeks 😜 I cannot wait for this next chapter in your life, Cedee! You know I’ll be right by your side 💕 Смотреть полностью
Taylor Paige Today I grant you the right to bear arms 💪🏼 Or your thunder thig
Today I grant you the right to bear arms 💪🏼 Or your thunder thighs 🦵🏼 Or your tummy rolls 🍞 Or your round cheeks 🍎 Or any other body part that you hate...because today they should be CELEBRATED. I ridicule my arms day in & day out. I’m not comfortable with them at all. You NEVER see my arms bear unless I’m working out. {even after this pic was taken, I ran back into the house to grab a cardigan for work just in case I got uncomfortable} But today—I’m going to celebrate my arms for all they do for me. And I’m going to challenge you to do the same! First tell me, what is your least fave body part? Then give me THREE reasons how that body part supports you or why life would be different without it. 💕 I’ll go first: 1. My arms are getting stronger by the day. 3.5 months ago I was in the hospital missing a rib and several muscles & with a chest drain in. But this week I graduated PT, did my first post-op workout, and installed a dishwasher by myself 👏🏼 2. My arms cuddle my puppies & nieces & nephews. 3. My arms are colored like marble with beautiful stretchmarks. Your turn 😘 Смотреть полностью
Taylor Paige ✨ V I B E S ✨
✨ V I B E S ✨
Taylor Paige Recently I finally let go of a very hurtful statement someone close to
Recently I finally let go of a very hurtful statement someone close to me said. It was very long but it went a little something like this... “The only people that really love & support you are the ones that don’t even know you. Your social media friends will leave you once they discover the real you. Those relationships aren’t real.” To the person that said that— 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 You couldn’t be FURTHER from wrong. And to all my social media besties & cheerleaders {and even silent stalkers, yes I see you 🙃}: •Thank you •I love you •I see you •I’m so glad you’re in my life •You’re not just a like or comment to me •I value you JUST AS MUCH {sometimes more} than people in my physical life •I WILL make it my mission to hug your neck one day in this lifetime I’ve never been as raw and open and fully myself as I’ve been in front of you. I {weirdly} feel more comfortable online than I ever do in person. The conversations we have & the secrets I post are usually being shared for the first time ever. You may not realize it but people in my physical life are reading my thoughts/struggles the same time you are...on here. Older generations may look down on us for having virtual relationships with people across the country (and sometimes world) that we’ll never meet in person. My take on that? HOW DAMN LUCKY ARE WE 👏🏼 To have a platform that makes me feel not so lonely, to have a method that {again, weirdly} makes me feel more comfortable to be vulnerable, to have a way to connect with thousands of like-minded people with the same struggles, to have hundreds of besties that have my back at any time & root me on from afar? SO DAMN LUCKY 👏🏼 That’s exactly why I will continue to keep sharing. That’s exactly why I created The Closet Badass. That’s exactly why I value virtual friendships so high. Yes, social media can be damaging. But oh the WONDERFUL things it’s brought to my life. And you can bet your bottom dollar, one of those wonderful things is you 💕 Смотреть полностью
Taylor Paige “So are you gonna cry about it or are you gonna boss up?!” First o
“So are you gonna cry about it or are you gonna boss up?!” First of all, I’mma do both ✌🏼 I’ve had a rough 10 days...okay maybe a rough month...meh, at this point it feels as if all of 2019 is just giving me the finger 🙄 It’s times like these where I just want to start bitching & make a list as to why my life SUCKS: •I have yet to allow myself time to grieve some things (including the loss of my great grandmother) •I am constantly working between my corporate job & launching my own business (most days it’s 8am - midnight straight) •My post-op pain is relapsing •I’ve definitely put my marriage on the backburner •We’re over $600 in on vet issues in 3 months & still no answers or relief for her •I’ve WAY overbooked myself with responsibilities for multiple organizations •Our fridge AND lawnmower went out this week 💸💸💸 •annnddddd I could keep going But then as I start listing, I realize that I am NOT going to strengthen the Victim Mindset any longer 🙌🏼 Which leads me immediately to listing all the reasons why my life is AMAZING: •I’ve got 400+ subscribers to my community in under 2 weeks & 10 clients for my first offering so far! •My corporate paycheck has been 🔥 due to OT & I really strive when I’m rewarded (in any way) for my work •I’m finally at a place where I weeded out the shitty friends & know I’ve got a few best friends that are there for me at the drop of a hat •Even though I’m in pain, it’s far LESS pain than I’ve experienced in five years •My family is healthy & my dog’s condition isn’t life threatening •These pink pants, because duh ✌🏼 Growing pains are uncomfortable and itchy and painful...but oh the beautiful things that come from it 💕 When I look back on 2019 in 6 months, I sure hope “Growth” continues to by me theme. Today I challenge YOU to think—Do I have a Victim Mindset today or do I have a Growth Mindset today? 🤔 For an extra challenge—drop me THREE reasons why your life is amazing 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 P.S. Shoutout to you badass women that feel where I’m coming from...may we cry together through the fire and then rise back from the ashes side by side 🤜🏼🤛🏼 Смотреть полностью
Taylor Paige {NEW BLOG POST IS UP}Tag all your mama friends, non-mama friends, yo
{NEW BLOG POST IS UP} Tag all your mama friends, non-mama friends, young women, old women--this is for all the FEMALES ✌️ You're gonna want to read this! Because yesterday might have been reserved for celebrating mothers, but today let's vow to celebrate all the sexy Mom Bods. ❤ My childless mom bod included. Why not, right? {link to blog in bio} Смотреть полностью
Taylor Paige 🔥BEWARE🔥When a girl changes her hair, she’s about to change
🔥BEWARE🔥 When a girl changes her hair, she’s about to change her life. ✌🏼
Taylor Paige Love is needed for my baby P today. Drop some 🐾 for us! 💕We’
Love is needed for my baby P today. Drop some 🐾 for us! 💕 We’re headed to KC for some testing on her eye {that requires sedation} and mama is a wreck today 😬 Fingers crossed we get some answers because she’s been looking like a pirate for the last 3 months 😅 PS—if you’ve got a small dog, anxious dog, crazy in the car dog...peep my stories! I shared my favorite tool for traveling with pups! Смотреть полностью
Taylor Paige You ever try to unlock your phone with Face ID from your relaxed doubl
You ever try to unlock your phone with Face ID from your relaxed double chin angle, and it can’t identify you?? And you’re just like... “OH I’M SORRY PHONE, but this is me, and if you can’t accept me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.” That’s essentially how I’m feeling about everything in life right now 👏🏼 Take it or leave it, this is Taylor Paige ✌🏼 Смотреть полностью
Saint Joseph, Missouri
OUR FACES ON A BILLBOARD ON THE BUSIEST ROAD IN TOWN 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Oh my goodnessss if this isn’t a sign that I’m doing something right 😭🥰😭 I can never say it enough, this organization has changed our lives and this relationship is truly a dream come true ✨ And we want to help your wildest dreams come true June 1! The Make Believer’s Ball is described best as an all-family prom meets carnival extravaganza! Red carpets and limo rides, caricature artists, laser tag, DJs, bouncy houses, Disney princesses & of course the crowning of the new Bigs of the Year 👑 {side note—did you notice I even pulled out my crown for this pic? 🥰} Bring the whole family & come hang out with us 💕 We’re looking for business sponsors right now too, so if you want some more details on that, let me know! If you can’t come but still want to support BBBS, a $20 donation pays for a Little (just like Summer!) to attend this amazing experience! The link for tickets and donations is linked in my bio! Смотреть полностью
Taylor Paige H E Y  H E Y  I T ‘ S  L A U N C H  D A Y ✨Hallelujah!Damn stra
H E Y H E Y I T ‘ S L A U N C H D A Y ✨ Hallelujah! Damn straight! THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!! I am so incredibly on fire you have no idea 🔥 🔥 🔥 If you want to be the first to see my new website {this thing is legit y’all 🙌🏼}, make sure you’re signed up for notifications! {link in bio} And if you want to get even more of me, I’ll be LIVE in The Closet Badass at 7pm CST 😘 ✨PS — giveaway ends in one hour so scroll back through my posts and get those entries in. For one more bonus entry, drop some emojis to show me how excited you are!! ✨ Смотреть полностью
Taylor Paige **G I V E A W A Y** We’re 3 days from launch day for THE CLOSET BADA
**G I V E A W A Y** We’re 3 days from launch day for THE CLOSET BADASS community & blog & website {AKA all the things} and I cannot contain my excitement!! A fire is burning & I cannot wait to bring it to you 🔥 I’ve got THREE packages to giveaway on Wednesday {valued at over $100 each} and you’re gonna want this!! ✨FREE one-on-one goal setting call ✨Your next Starbucks on me ✨The cutest cheetah planner ✨My fave falsies ✨A cute bag {hot pink, of course} for all the things Here’s 5 different ways you can enter: •Follow me on IG {1 entry} •Tag some babes that need a little PUSH to achieve their goals {1 entry each} •Share this post in your stories {1 entry} •Tell me {in the comments} what’s holding you back the most from becoming the badass you were born to be? {3 entries} •Visit the website launch page {link in bio} and subscribe for updates! {5 entries} Don’t forget to join my community {also link in bio} for even more updates & a chance at some extra entries! Good luck babes 😘 Смотреть полностью
Taylor Paige Hey babe,Let’s do that cute foot pop kiss picture! 🥰 *gives up a
Hey babe, Let’s do that cute foot pop kiss picture! 🥰 *gives up after multiple tries because we keep falling over* 30 seconds of editing and I realized HE POPPED HIS FOOT TOO 😂😂😂 I am dead. Dying. I love this sweet man so much. Смотреть полностью
Taylor Paige
👊🏼 Badass Life Coach—NEW things coming 5.1.2019!! 💕 Lover of all PINK 💕 👰🏼 Newlywed Life 💪🏼 Depression SURVIVOR 🐶 Fueled by puppy kisses 📍KC MO