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Takashi Murakami We made “you should see me in a crown” video for @wherearetheavoca
We made “you should see me in a crown” video for @wherearetheavocados ! Watch on @applemusic 🕷 👑
Takashi Murakami Last DANCE!
Takashi Murakami With the release of Billie Eilish’s @wherearetheavocados music video
With the release of Billie Eilish’s @wherearetheavocados music video “you should see me in a crown," Producer Justin Lubliner @justinlube has shared his excitement/passion for this project. I so appreciate it! Thank you Justin! ✨✨✨ This is easily one of the coolest things I’ve ever worked on! Takashi Murakami is one of my favorite living artists and his video of Kanye’s “good morning” is my fav music video ever! Quick story - last summer takashi liked one of Billies photos so I wanted to reach out to see if he’d like to meet her at her show in Tokyo. I asked 15 people over 2 months to help intro me, and it wasn’t until I asked my fav sushi 🔌 @mari_kagaya that I got in touch! Of course when I asked Billie months later if he’d reached out direct - she had a DM from him on her phone from months before 🤦‍♂️. We decided to ask if he’d create her next music video (first since Kanye 10 years ago), and he said yes. We flew out to japan, went to his private studio where we mood-boarded the video. Then Billie did motion graphics the next day to track her movements. 8 months later and we have this incredible music video. This is the first visual that I’ve produced so I’m super excited. Thank you to the many people that helped make this a reality. Link in bio ! Swipe for behind the scenes ! ↑ From @justinlube Смотреть полностью
Takashi Murakami What an incredible and inspiring trip it’s been!!!
What an incredible and inspiring trip it’s been!!!
Takashi Murakami Tomorrow!@wherearetheavocados
Tomorrow! @wherearetheavocados
Takashi Murakami
"Babble Wrap" @tonari_no_zingaro
Takashi Murakami
Nakano Broadway 中野百老匯
"Bubble wrap" at @tonari_no_zingaro
Takashi Murakami @instinctoy_hiroto_ohkubo
Lake Biwa
Takashi Murakami @wherearetheavocados
Takashi Murakami I am going to collaborate with INSTINCTOY @instinctoy_hiroto_ohkubo on
I am going to collaborate with INSTINCTOY @instinctoy_hiroto_ohkubo on vinyl toys to be released starting early summer of 2019. Our first project is going to be on my very first-ever character art, Mr. DOB. I first read about Hiroto Ohkubo, INSTINCTOY’s president, in a Facebook post of Shuichi Miyawaki, @sennmusann Kaiyodo’s @kaiyodo_pr president. Mr. Miyawaki, normally a merciless critic when it comes to figure production, earnestly praised Mr. Ohkubo as the very best in vinyl figure production, so I knew he was the real deal. Immediately after reading the said post, I searched INSTINCTOY online, got in touch with the company, and sent two of my sculpture staff from Kaikai Kiki to go meet Mr. Ohkubo that very day at their headquarters in Shiga Prefecture. The minute they met, there was a spark—I am told they spoke non-stop for two days straight. I have since met Mr. Ohkubo in person and, having been exposed to his tremendous passion for vinyl figures, logical analysis of the industry, and clear vision for the future, have become a total fan. These are the images of the masters for the vinyl parts being produced by INSTINCTOY. I’m sure you can sense at least a hint of their obsessive attention to details, the earnest passion for figure production. 2019年、初夏に、インスティンクトイ @instinctoy_hiroto_ohkubo とのソフビのコラボレーションを行うことになりました。第一弾は私の人生初のキャラクターアート、DOB君です。 代表の大久保博人さんとの出会いは、海洋堂 @kaiyodo_pr の社長、宮脇修一さん @sennmusann のFBに書かれていた記事で、ソフビを作らせたら天下一品、と言うムキの内容だったので、あの造形に関しては辛口批評の宮脇さんがイイというなら間違いないだろう!と、記事を読んだ直後にインスティンクトイをネットで探し出し、連絡をして、カイカイキキの立体担当者2名が、その日のうちに滋賀の本社まで会いに行っていました。会った直後からスパークが始まり、丸2日間、彼らは話し続けたと言います。その後、僕も大久保さんとお会いして、そのあまりのソフビへの情熱、理論的な業界分析、明確な未来のビジョンなどを聞いて、スッカリファンになってしまいました。この写真はインスティンクさんで作られるソフビのパーツ分けの原型です。こだわり過ぎているその造形魂の片鱗をこの写真から感じてください。 Смотреть полностью
Takashi Murakami 🤯✨🔥🐙!@deejaysoda !
Bar Zingaro
🤯✨🔥🐙! @deejaysoda !
Takashi Murakami !?
Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Takashi Murakami