27.05.2019 03:57
07.06.2019 06:17
Brilliant! Like it!
27.05.2019 22:45
The round one is weathered oak and the other is driftwood
27.05.2019 04:37
Haha! Great minds! It must be our cousin super powers. 😉 What stains did you use?
27.05.2019 04:31
Yay, the rounded one is mine👍. The were both cut from the same pine log
27.05.2019 04:28
@britton.harris I like the rounded one! What kind of wood is that? The extreme grain is really pretty!
27.05.2019 04:06
Thank you ☺️ How would getting featured on your feed work?
27.05.2019 04:04
Wow, how chic, love the colors!🌷💝💕 Interested in getting featured next on our feed? Contact us to find out how!!
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