16.05.2019 21:55

Since i graduated high school I’ve always wanted to be a nurse. I joined the Marine Corps Reserve so i could go to college and become a nurse. i went off to boot camp during the summer so i could come back in the fall just in time for school. I did a year of school and decided to do the Marine Corps full time instead. I did 8 years and during that time i had 2 babies and married a Marine. When i got out he got orders to move so we did. When we got to our next duty station i started school again but he got deployed and there was no way i could do school with 2 kids alone in another state so i dropped out. I got pregnant again and we moved back to our home state and i had baby #3 but he was a recruiter and he was gone from 12-14 hours a day so there was no way i could go back. A year in i decided to apply to a nursing program and just do the basics online. I was all done and ready to start the good stuff when he got promoted and he was being moved. I decided to stay back with the 3 kids and keep going to school. Luckily i moved closer to his parents so they could help if i needed it. I got pregnant sometime during the school year and was raising 3 kids alone as well as going to school full time. When i had the baby i only had 6 months left and of course i was alone with 3 kids, a newborn, doing two 12 hour clinicals and 2 classes online. I only took a week off after i had the baby. I finished the school year still alone with 4 kids. There were so many times i wanted to quit but i knew I’d just keep pushing it further and further away. It was time to be strong and fight through the rough patch that was put in front of me. After it was all done i still look at my diploma and my license and smile. I am so proud of what i have done and the situation i was put in that i can do anything and everything. There is nothing that anyone can’t do if they put their mind to it. Rough patches are just patches that will eventually go away. Keep going and fight so you can smile and say “yeah i did that” @fearlessmiranda #morethanafilter #hardwork #dedication #RN #nursingschool #roughpatch #youcandoit #willpower #beproud

18.05.2019 17:03
Love. Love. Love this. The message. The outcome. All of it. You're awesome. Way to keep fighting through for YOU! ❤️
Congratulations 👩🏻‍🎓 Amazing story! Your an inspiration.👏🏼👏🏼
17.05.2019 06:52
Welcome to the ranks!! Always love to see a new nurse start their journey.
17.05.2019 05:03
Way to go!❤️❤️❤️🙌
17.05.2019 04:45
So proud of you girl!! All your hard work is a true inspiration ❤️
17.05.2019 03:10
That’s freaking awesome! Way to never give up on your fight! Great job!!!
17.05.2019 01:15
16.05.2019 23:56
Amazing story. Welcome to the RN family.
16.05.2019 23:50
Thank you for posting this!! What an amazing story🙌🏼❤️❤️
16.05.2019 23:29
You’re amazing! Most people would have given up with the first hurdle, let alone all those that followed—so proud that you kept going! 💜
17.05.2019 05:42
@will_wod_4_donuts thanks chica 💜 glad I can join the nursey crew of badasses like you!
16.05.2019 23:54
@haylofajourney thank you and again congratulations for going through hell AKA nursing school 🤣
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