16.05.2019 17:52

“So are you gonna cry about it or are you gonna boss up?!” First of all, I’mma do both ✌🏼 I’ve had a rough 10 days...okay maybe a rough month...meh, at this point it feels as if all of 2019 is just giving me the finger 🙄 It’s times like these where I just want to start bitching & make a list as to why my life SUCKS: •I have yet to allow myself time to grieve some things (including the loss of my great grandmother) •I am constantly working between my corporate job & launching my own business (most days it’s 8am - midnight straight) •My post-op pain is relapsing •I’ve definitely put my marriage on the backburner •We’re over $600 in on vet issues in 3 months & still no answers or relief for her •I’ve WAY overbooked myself with responsibilities for multiple organizations •Our fridge AND lawnmower went out this week 💸💸💸 •annnddddd I could keep going But then as I start listing, I realize that I am NOT going to strengthen the Victim Mindset any longer 🙌🏼 Which leads me immediately to listing all the reasons why my life is AMAZING: •I’ve got 400+ subscribers to my community in under 2 weeks & 10 clients for my first offering so far! •My corporate paycheck has been 🔥 due to OT & I really strive when I’m rewarded (in any way) for my work •I’m finally at a place where I weeded out the shitty friends & know I’ve got a few best friends that are there for me at the drop of a hat •Even though I’m in pain, it’s far LESS pain than I’ve experienced in five years •My family is healthy & my dog’s condition isn’t life threatening •These pink pants, because duh ✌🏼 Growing pains are uncomfortable and itchy and painful...but oh the beautiful things that come from it 💕 When I look back on 2019 in 6 months, I sure hope “Growth” continues to by me theme. Today I challenge YOU to think—Do I have a Victim Mindset today or do I have a Growth Mindset today? 🤔 For an extra challenge—drop me THREE reasons why your life is amazing 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 P.S. Shoutout to you badass women that feel where I’m coming from...may we cry together through the fire and then rise back from the ashes side by side 🤜🏼🤛🏼

03.06.2019 14:47
You are adorable!!! Love that outfit!!💖♥️💗
03.06.2019 17:25
@fawnriverbeauty goodness thanks so much 🤗🤗🤗
24.05.2019 16:44
Inspiring. 💕 Girrrlllll love the pink pants 😍
24.05.2019 16:44
Inspiring. 💕 Girrrlllll love the pink pants 😍
20.05.2019 00:58
19.05.2019 01:12
Fantastic post! My life is amazing right now because 1) i am present 2) i have an amazing family 3) because i have the best friends i could have ever asked for💕
19.05.2019 01:31
@juliette_wanderlove_fit best friends sure make my list more complete 🙌🏼
16.05.2019 21:23
Yesss to the past month giving me the finger too 🙌🏼 Please show me how to get 400 sign ups and 10 clients. Pleeeaseee. But also here’s my 🖕🏼back to the universe: I am able to travel between NY and LA thanks to my fiancé My dogs are for once both healthy (where’s the wood lol) I am becoming more and more of my real self every day 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
16.05.2019 21:57
@lifewithlaker SO PROUD OF YOU! #3 especially, that takes so much growth!
16.05.2019 20:24
Even when I was homeless I never allowed myself to be a victim. O found good in every day, from the fresh clean creek, to the trees that protected my tent, and kept moving forward. Thanks for this post, inspired, believe, dream and do.
16.05.2019 21:58
@momofplentysplace I love those little positives you found in your day! We often forget things like trees or even the fact that we woke up are GOOD things 💕
16.05.2019 20:21
16.05.2019 19:05
If ya need help mowing let me know.
16.05.2019 21:58
@rodschnell thanks! D did the whole yard with a weed eater. Front and back 😂 going this weekend to buy a new mower!
16.05.2019 18:22
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